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It was one of those crazy unpredictable days. Everything got off to a good start but our producer couldn't make it in to the studio as he came down with the flu and I didn't make it out for Phil's 30th Birthday because I was sick and had a fever all night. However the three hours we spent in the studio was great. We did some jamming and came up with this cool JJ Cale/ Eric Clapton inspired groove. I had written some lyrics for a blues tune two years ago and knew one day they would come in handy. This record is going to be my most mature record to date and I like to think that the music and the band has grown up a lot too. The show must go on and tomorrow we have a late start to give Gregory and I a chance to rest. Let's just hope it's a 24 hour bug.

#LaurenceJones #LJNEWALBUM

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