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We decided to move rehearsal space from the house we rented out it was super loud (not for us but for neighbourhood haha)

We looked at a few rehearsal rooms around the island but third time lucky we found the right one with the best gear and best vibe.

It’s an underground studio in a villa house with a hand pick of guitars from about 3 fender custom shops guitars , a Stevie Ray Vaughn signature, a Jeff beck signature, Taylor acoustics and Gibson les Paul’s, they even had a rare Gibson S-1. This will be our home for the next 2 weeks.

We had to pack down all of our equipment from the last rehearsal space and

Today we built our own studio down there so we can record the whole pre production over the next couple of days and listen back to everything our producer has said to us. We will also have all the recordings for all 11 songs that will be going on the album. Phil will be in charge of all things recording... who said drummers can’t multitask.

Tomorrow will be the first real day of the pre production and I’m excited to see how our producer Gregory Elias will shape the songs.

For now we are off for dinner at Bar 27 club to hang out with my good friend Danny Vera.

#LaurenceJones #LJNEWALBUM

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