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We got off to a late start in the studio but it was the productive day yet. I guess that's how it naturally happens. It was the hottest day in Curacao yet and we was feeling the heat, maybe it was something in the air but the vibe was there. Gregory our producer really brought my Eric Clapton influence out today, and we recorded an old school original acoustic blues track with the band. This is something new for me and after watching Eric in Hyde park last year I was very inspired to try and experiment something like this. I'm glad it made it onto the list of songs we will record. The other Eric Clapton style track takes a more JJ Cake approach and a laid back feel where the guitar has a bluesy/country roots feel about it. After playing three songs we needed to rock it out a bit and we got into the British sounds, one of the tracks is my best take on the Rolling Stones, they are a huge influence with myself, The band and especially Gregory Elias. Gregory was the man who brought the Rolling Stones to Cuba and put on a free concert for the people. In my is no better man to produce a track like this other than the stones themselves. I guess we will let the music do the talking. The final track of the day was taken from my more modern influences, I guess It is a more mature and guitar featured track that could of been on the truth. It is a song people can sing along too and connect with. It's upbeat, in your face and catchy... just the way we intend to play it in the studio. That's 9 songs down. 2 more too go and then we will be adding 1-2 special cover tracks in my own style but for now it's time for a relaxed dinner at the hotel to unwind. We halve to take it easy tonight because it's Phil's big 30th Birthday tomorrow (6th Feb) and we have a night panned for him. LJ

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