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Started off with a nice morning swim. Guilty it was my first morning down. The jet lag for the better of me but now I feel rested and back to normal.

The band and I will head over to the studio at 1pm to go over the two new songs we put together with our producer yesterday and perform them and show case them at Bar 27 club in Curacao.

Soundcheck is at 3pm-5pm

Dinner is at 7-8pm and we hit the stage at 10.30pm-12. This will be my third time playing at 27 club and every time just gets better and better. It’s gonna be a hot one on stage tonight ⚡️


I lost my mobile phone at the show last night. In today's world it felt like my left arm was missing but after i accepted it I feel a lot more free and maybe it was meant to happen so I could concentrate more on my music. Everything happens for a reason right ?

Today is a chill day in Curacao. I went for breakfast with Bennett who never misses a veggie omelette and then went for a swim with the band. Later that Night we got ready and went to the beach for some food and drinks. No matter if it's a gig day, travel day or an off day the band always are the same. We laugh a lot, tell a lot of inside jokes, tell stories and we always find out something new about each other and once in a while are shocked haha. It's hard to get the musicianship right in a band but it's even hard to find real friendship. Walter Trout once said to me that he would rather have someone he could have a laugh with and get on well with than them be an amazing Musician with an ego. That's one thing my band don't have egos and I continue to laugh and respect them the more we hang out.

Status Quo's Francis Rossi once said to me, having band members is like being in a marriage. It's cool to see how much we have all grown stronger together since we was last here two years ago as people and as musicians and I'm excited to see where the next two years will lead us with the new record.

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