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Last night I had an early night at 11pm to make sure I was ready for today. I was attached in the night be mosquitoes (so if you see big red lumps on me you know why) apparently Bennett and I are fresh blood!

We got to the studio at 10.30am and run two songs before our producer came at 1pm. Today was the first real day for arranging the songs, the first song has a Hall and Oats feel with lots of vocal harmonies and guitar rhythm. The second song was paying tribute to Stevie Winwood and Eric Clapton. It was incredible to see Gregory Elias our producer at work. I had personally taken the two songs on a complete journey the last year and the Stevie Winwood inspired song I wrote three years ago and didn’t put it on my “Temptation” album because one day I knew It would be ready. That’s the beauty about song writing, for me it’s about bringing the song to life and when you feel ready in your life the song will be born. It has to have a meaning which connects with me or people. The lyrics, vocal melodies and choruses are really Important to me. This time round I have written the songs around my guitar rather than writing the vocals first. I have an amazing feeling about this album and if it carries on like it did today everything will be very smooth 👌

I made a new friend at the studio, a little puppy. Im a dog person and the quote of the day from our producer was “the symbol of friendship and loyalty is a dog”. A mans best friend. Curacao has lots of wild dogs, I love that about the island.

The band and I have a chilled night at the hotel. We made friends with the chef too and seeing as we have a vegetarian, celiac, and a meat eater it was a wise move haha. Let’s just say we will be eating here again. Great music, great weather, great company and a great day. Can’t ask for more

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