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Day 7:

Was a chilled Sunday in the Caribbean. The locals say God choose Sunday as a day of rest, so that's what we did.

We went to see the sea lions in the morning and had a V.I.P meeting with Snapper the sea lion. Our tour manager Enrico is good friends with one of the staff who works there and we go a chance to get up close and personal. It was an amazing experience (I think you can see that from the photos).

Them we headed to Kokgmo beach where the water was crystal blue. We chilled, had lunch and went for a swim. I even had a full body deep tissue massage. Apparently my posture is all wrong from holding the guitar and if I don't stretch I will stiffen up

wise words from the Jamaican masseuse. After a nice day at the beach we are all rested for the rest of the week where we will be tracking and moulding the rest of my album. I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings with the music.

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