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Time to go home along 15 pieces of luggage/equipment to check in at the airport. We hold the queue up as normal haha

...finally getting through to the gate we reflect on how amazing this experience has been. Not just the sun and the fun but the whole two years it’s taken us to choose the best 11 tracks. While waiting in the seating area of the airport I asked the band to pick there favourite 11 tracks out of the 14 demos we recorded. Surprising my list and theirs are a little different.

In 3 weeks time we will fly to Miami to start the 2 week recording out there. I now feel ready and the most prepared I have ever been going into the studio.

For now it’s time to get home, and celebrate my Birthday. 27 years old. Ps as I’m writing this on the plane now Greg Smith just spilled a whole cup of boiling cup of tea over one whole row. This is going to be an interesting flight. Let’s just say the choice of words by the passengers to Greg was pretty rock and roll 😂 ohh my LJ

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