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Day 12: This was our last day in the studio !

In the morning Bennett and I got to swim with dolphins at the Dolphina Academy Curacao. The owner George is from Kansas City and he actually did our radio commercial here to promote our show on the island in his best American accent. Swimming with the dolphins was incredible, something I will never forget.

With all he songs complete my producer wants to to pick the best 10 original songs and throw in one cover that he brought to the table. I can't give too much away as I want it to be a surprise but this cover is going to be one hell of a song live. I always like to put my own stamp on covers and with having Gregory produce this and have some crazy and unique ideas the song has moulded itself into its own. It came so easy as well which is a good sign for us. Anything that does not come natural to the band and I when we are playing or jamming around with a new track generally does not make it onto the record. There has been times through this process where we have spent hours changing the song from what we had it like originally but as they say - if it ain't broke don't fix it.

This is where our producer came in, his energy is so high and we do things on a roll and with a buzz. It's been amazing to work with him again on this record. This time around we have a strong relationship with him and he understood our music and where was coming from even more. I would say the truth was an amazing introduction to us all working together and establishing the foundations but this record is going to be special. I'm so proud of my band for putting in a lot of time and energy over the last 2 years, and for sticking with me.

Looks like now it's back to my roots with a an old school vintage edge to my music. Just the way I grew up listening to music and I'm going it have this record sound like the old records. I'm excited to go to Miami now and this time in 3 weeks we will be recording at the old Sony studios. For now it's time to head out for dinner and to meet our record label to celebrate. We have a fancy Italian restaurant booked for tonight and they have gluten free haha.

What a way to finish the pre production and to end it on a High. Happy Days :)

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